Television is in the heart of every city in America. Most of the information that is seen on television dramas and shows are spun to cater to the audience. While many of the facts that are covered on the shows might not be accurate, there is something that you can learn from these shows. The Italian American population in America drove television producers to cater to the growing audience. As an impressive set of people, their culture and origins are viewed as inspiration throughout America. This is true when it comes to the crime and police force industries in America. The Sopranos is by far a perfect show that the Americans loved with all their heart. An ideal combination of the classic police and robber chase is a win for the entertainment industry as well. Here are things that the Sopranos taught the American people about their Italian-American counterparts.

  1. The discrimination that the Italian Americans faced when they moved to America in the 1960s is genuine, and there have been several cases that came forward after the show started airing.
  2. While the show was a hit with many, the Italian Americans did not feel the same as the sense of pride depicted by the characters are very true to the Italian American culture. The population would have accepted it if the ego was not real.
  3. The grudges that they hold is true, and again boils down to family and fiercely supporting each other. For example, the directors of the show were banned from their favorite restaurant because of the show.
  4. While the show directed a very stereotypical Italian American family, the people in real life would not consider themselves as being stereotypical or at least attach a label to their culture.
  5. The Italians were always portrayed as criminals by the Americans, and this does not float well with the Italian American population. However, television does pick the exciting pieces of characters from every culture to high light the same. The show did precisely that.
  6. The show perfectly captivates audiences with the phrases that the Italians use, the little Italian restaurants in their neighborhood, the church confessions and the family dinners.
  7. The show is sprinkled with heaps of violence but otherwise is a primary information portal about the immigration and the assimilation of the Italians.
  8. The show precisely shows that the North of Italy was where the wealthy people lived, and they looked down at the southerners like they are peasants and beneath them.
  9. The Italian Americans in America are the ones from the South and as history would have it, is accurate as they had reason to leave their country to find solace.
  10. The Italian Americans who came to America were forced to anglicize their names when they arrived, and this is depicted in the show as well.
  11. The Italians who landed in America were not afraid to use their hands and work hard for a living, and this is evident in the shows as well.