The Real Difference Between Italian and Italian-American Food
The Real Difference Between Italian and Italian-American Food

When people think about the food of Italy, most of the time they’d think about chicken parmesan, pepperoni pizza, and garlic bread. All of the meals, as mentioned above, are actual hybrid food that combines American and Italian cuisine. These foods were made up by immigrants that went to the United States from America. They used the ingredients from the US to cook the food. What popular culture has made you think of classic food from Italy isn’t actual authentic Italian food. This article will tell you about the differences between Italian and Italian American cuisine.

Recognize Authenticity in Your Dressing

The Italian dressing that most people know isn’t authentic. It’s a salad dressing in the style of a vinaigrette that’s made of corn syrup, bell peppers, vinegar, and vegetable oil. The salad dressing that the Italian people use is made of olive oil, salt, pepper, and vinegar. That is all that’s used by Italians. Almost all diners in Italy will mix these ingredients themselves at the tables. Many restaurants make you dress the salads yourself. They have a set of oils and kinds of vinegar that they provide to the customers.

The Truth About Pizza

Pepperoni pizza isn’t what you think it is. You need to order a pizza with prosciutto on top instead. The most popular topping choice on pizza in the United States is pepperoni. In Italy, ordering a pepperoni pizza will get you a pizza that’s topped with bell peppers. You won’t find the typical pepperoni pizza in a majority of places in Italy except in areas that have many tourists. If you’re looking for authentic Italian pizza toppings, then you can try anchovies, mozzarella, broccoli rabe, or corn.

Don’t Mess with the Garlic Bread

Garlic bread isn’t an authentic Italian food. The closest thing you’ll get in authentic Italian foods is bruschetta. Garlic bread is Mediterranean bruschetta with an American twist. The Italians that went to America couldn’t afford olive oil, so they used butter. They added salt and garlic on top of it to add flavour. Bruschetta is a thick bread slice that has been rubbed with a lot of garlic, and then it gets moistened up a ton with lots of oil. In recent times, some restaurants will add on tomatoes and onions to make the appetizer taste even better.

Spaghetti Stories

Marinara sauce isn’t authentic Italian sauce. So, you should try to order spaghetti alla puttanesca or pasta al Pomodoro instead. The sauce that most people know as the marinara sauce is made of onions, garlic, tomatoes, and herbs. It was a sauce invented by Italian immigrants in America that had to work with what they could get in America. Italians would prefer to order pasta al Pomodoro, which had a sauce that composed of olive oil, basil, and fresh tomatoes. Another food in Italian cuisine is close in similarity with pasta with marinara sauce. That other food is spaghetti alla puttanesca. It’s a dish that was made in more recent times, but the sauce is relatively similar to marinara sauce. The sauce is composed of garlic, tomatoes, capers, and olive oil.