Famous Italian Americans in Politics
Famous Italian Americans in Politics

America is a land of immigrants. People from all the origins work together to make this country better. In every field, you’d see different origin people working side by side to get glory to America. Politics is no different. Not too long ago, we saw first African American to swear in as the president of the United States. America is known for giving equal opportunities to every person. Your talent and skills matter more than the way you look or the place of your origin. Today we can see African Americans, Indian Americans, and other people taking up the most important political posts in the country. Italian Americans aren’t too far behind in politics. There are some of the top names in American politics today whose ancestors came from Italy to America. Let’s take a look at some of the famous Italian American politicians.

Nancy Pelosi

One of the most influential Italian Americans, if not the most influential, Nancy Pelosi is the first woman in America to be elected as the speaker of the house (House of Representatives). Nancy was always interested in politics as her father and brother had served at the top political posts before her. Coming from a political family, Nancy was never in doubt to enter politics and help the people. She and her husband own prominent properties in San Francisco. Nancy has been a vocal supporter of allowing women to get an abortion throughout the country. She has always been a very liberal woman and very supportive of gay rights. No one can forget her standing up against President Bush when he was attacking the Democratic party. Nancy has always been a fighter, and her political career is only going to get better from here on.

Paul Cellucci

Paul Cellucci is not an active politician now but has been a significant Italian American leader in the past. Having served as an American ambassador to foreign countries and a governor during his career, Paul was someone who could work with the people who has a different ideology than his. Paul served as the Governor of Massachusetts when the Governor resigned in 1997, being the Lieutenant Governor of the state. Next year, he won the election and took oath as an elected governor. Paul had the record of not losing a single election in his political career. The feat seems more remarkable when you think that he contested most of his votes from a democratic leaning state, being a republican. Paul was known to have a conservative view on most of the matters.

Ella T. Grasso

Ella T. Grasso was the first female Governor of Connecticut state. She was also the first self-made female Governor, not coming from a political family or having an influential husband. Ella died due to ovarian cancer in 1981 and was awarded the Medal of Freedom after her death by President Reagan. Ella was the perfect symbol of a modern and strong woman. She always believed that a woman could fulfil all the responsibilities that a man can, especially in politics.